Welcome to 1975XS650B - The Site for 1975 XS650B Owners and Fans!            Cycle World Magazines December 1974 Issue states:  "In this day and age of Threes, Fours, Sixes, even Rotarys, what can be said for the likes of a 650 vertical Twin? Plenty. And we’re glad it’s here..."


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Welcome to 1975xs650b.com - a growing global community of 1975 Yamaha 650 enthusiasts and your site for information on the 1975 xs650b. Although dedicated to the specific 1975 Model Year - All Yamaha Owners are Welcome!  

From a Yamaha XS650B Advertisement in 1975: 

The XS650 is a smooth-running four-stroke that you can ride from the showroom floor in San Francisco to the rocky coast of Maine since it was designed with reliability in mind.

To say it's reliable is to understate its capability.  The XS650 is one of the finest touring motorcycles ever built.  In fact, it's the world's only overhead cam 650.

It has an extremely wide range of useable power that makes riding in  city traffic a breeze, because of less need for down-shifting.  Yet when you open the throttle, you get a surge of power all the way from 2,000 to 6,000 rpm's.  It's this broad power band that keeps the XS650 a national champion in flat track races.

So whether you're on a two-lane street in the middle of town, or on a deserted highway, the XS650 will give you the exact performance you want.

From Cycle World magazine December, 1974 issue: 

There’s been a whole lot more going down than mere alphabet changes.  One ride gives more than subtle indication that the XS650B is a vastly improved and different motorcycle than the original XS1.  Yamaha’s 650 is a better motorcycle.  In this day and age of Threes, Fours, Sixes, even Rotarys, what can be said for the likes of a 650 vertical Twin? Plenty! And we’re glad it’s here....

If you have ever owned or currently own a 1975 Yamaha xs650b, you already know some of the things that made the bike special. Others are finding the same things special about it today as it becomes a highly sought after "Vintage" motorcycle.

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